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Report on Indian Market for Furniture

The size of the Indian market for furniture in 2019 was US$ 18 billion.
The market is growing annually at the rate of 12%.

  • 2020- US$ 16.20 Billion (The market has shrunk by 10% because of pandemic)
  • 2021- US$ 19.44 Billion (The expected growth next year will be 20%–normal growth + suppressed demand of pandemic year)

India is devoid of the facility of manufacturing furniture in an organized way. Leading Indian furniture manufacturers like Godrej Interio, Spacewood, Zuari Furniture etc. are an exception, rather than the rule. Infact, almost 85% of furniture sold in the Indian market is manufactured in the unorganized sector.

However, the point of interest is that the organized retailing of furniture has outpaced the organized manufacturing of furniture in India. The last decade and a half has seen medium and large showrooms mushrooming all over India, especially in metropolitan cities. These retailers have a Pan India presence and are essentially multi outlet furniture retailers as they also retail other household products. It would be relevant to draw attention to the fact that 40 to 50% of the furniture on display in these showrooms has been imported from China, Indonesia, Vietnam etc.
(Following table shows leading multi-outlet & online Indian furniture retailer)

Name of the company Kind of furniture Nature of business
Godrej Interio Home & Office  Manufacture, Import & Retail
Zuari Furniture/Style Spa Home & Office  Manufacture & Retail
Home Centre Home Domestic sourcing, Import & Retail
Home Town Home Domestic sourcing, Import & Retail
Evok Home Domestic sourcing, Import & Retail
@Home Home Domestic sourcing, Import & Retail
Damro Home & Office Domestic sourcing, Import & Retail
Gautier-Ebony Home Domestic sourcing, Import & Retail
Featherlite Home & Office Manufacture & Retail
Durian Home & Office Manufacture & Retail
Millennium Lifestyle Home Domestic sourcing, Import & Retail
 Pepperfry (Online) Home Domestic sourcing, Import & Retail
Urban Ladder (Online) Home Domestic sourcing, Import & Retail
Fab Furnish Home Domestic sourcing, Import & Retail


Our report on Indian market for furniture aims to be a market entry and a business enhancement document for a furniture manufacturer looking to find a space in the Indian market. Our market research team, consisting of 4 senior managers and 2 junior executives, has carried out extensive and intensive research through telephonic and online interviews to compile a detailed profile of furniture companies in India all across the value chain. This includes:


Category of Furniture Company in India   Number of companies profiled
 Leading Indian importers of furniture 104
Leading Indian manufacturers of furniture 70
Leading Indian distributors/ wholesalers of Furniture in 23 leading Indian cities 130
Leading Indian furniture retailers and online stores                          13
 Leading Indian Interior Design Firms 65

This exhaustive document provides comprehensive information on the Indian market and is your complete guide for identifying new customers in India and also for having an effective business strategy for selling furniture in the Indian market. The phone numbers and emails provided is that of the decision maker. All information is truly authentic and has been collected through innumerable telephonic/online interviews.
If you are exporting or plan to export furniture to India, this report is your one stop shop for establishing new business contacts.

Setting up your own warehouse in India?

This report will help you to identify companies in various regions of India who can be your distributors. The report will also assist you in identifying the right location for setting up the warehouse in India for maximum logistical convenience.

Setting up a factory in India?

If you are looking for a furniture company to partner you in your endeavor of setting up a factory in India, this report will help you to identify the right partner.
This report will help you in connecting with the leading Indian multi-outlet & online furniture retailers.
For the high-end furniture manufacturers, we have profiled the leading Indian Interior Design Firms. These leading design firms will make your furniture available to the affluent Indian clientele.

Pricing strategy

Our report will help you to draw-up a pricing strategy for the Indian market. We have carried out a retail audit of leading Indian furniture retailers at the middle end of the market, middle-high end of the market and at the premium end of the market.
For ready reference, we are annexing one company profile for each of the five categories of companies profiled in our report.