Arun Garodia

Arun is a technocrat having experience in textile mill management for more than 25 years. After completing his education, as a chemical engineer, from IIT Delhi, he joined his family’s textile mill. The mill was a large process house with a variety of processing machines. It was selling printed fabrics to the domestic markets all over the country. From 1984 it was a supplier of processed fabrics to the garment exporters and became the largest supplier in the country, to this sector. The mill was also weaving and processing suiting fabrics. Later on Arun
was involved in managing the family’s spinning mills also.

In 2012, Arun took an assignment to set up an integrated textile mill in Ethiopia for an investor. This was a US$ 43 million project and was inaugurated in October 2015. He has continued consulting in Ethiopia, Kenya & South Sudan.

He is now engaged in setting up a semi-worsted spinning and dyeing mill in Ethiopia. He is also advising agro-processing plants, a textile unit in Kenya and a power producer in South Sudan.