Anil Gupta

Anil Gupta is a Textile Graduate from Panjab University. He is a Fellow of Institution of Engineers (India) & a recognized Chartered Engineer. Anil has worked with Mafatlal Group, Birla Group and JK Group besides other Textile Mills and Engineering Industry at senior/top management positions. He has worked more than 20 years with leading textile machinery manufacturers and more than 15 years with textile mills in India. He has organized and attended various national and international conferences and exhibitions. He has attended ITME, CITME and OTEAS (International Textile Machinery Exhibitions) at Milan (Italy), Osaka (Japan), Singapore and Shanghai (China).

He was a governing member of FAPTA and has represented India in Asian Textile Conference at Shanghai in October 2013. He also led a delegation of TAI to Bangladesh to attend an International Textile Conference in November 2012.

Anil has rich experience of managing large industries and to deliver results. He is well versed with reduction of input cost, rationalization of workforce to improve margins. He is well acquainted with the latest development in the textile machinery and industry. He has been consulting with the industry, both private and government sectors on wide variety of projects from raw materials to converted end products. He was selected by BIFR as Special
Director and was nominated on the boards of Paper Mill, Chemical & Pharmaceutical manufacturer and Textile companies for 5 years.

Anil has widely traveled to USA, Europe, Russia, Southeast Asia, Middle East and in Indian sub-continent.